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First Kindergarten For Blind Children In Tibet

Our Students

“Empower the blind before they become disabled”

We have now 21 students and four of them were graduated from Kiki directly to regular school in Shigatse and they are all in grate 2.

They are following up with the rest of sighted class mates without any problem after learning all the basic skills at Kiki as well as Chinese, Tibetan, Maths and they all have advantage in English.

We also receive 4 new students in end of 2016 and they are happy to join the Kiki family!

Three of them are from Nagchu and 1 from Shigatse.

Since 2011 till 2016 Kiki had more than 30 graduates who are attending regular schools all in different levels.



These children have been our first students

Kelsang Dundup: 5 year old boy
Kalsang is from a place called Nagchu one of the coldest cities in Tibet.
He became visually impaired a few months after he was born. He has a little vision with one eye. Kalsang spent most of his time alone at home since he couldn’t go out to play with other children in his village because he is blind.
He is very excited to have a chance to learn and play together with other children at school.


Tsering Dorje Ishu: 5 year old boy
Tsering Dorje is from Nagchu and born in a Nomads family. He was born blind and has one older brother who is sighted. His parents got divorced when he was 2 year old. Most likely the divorce was caused by the fact that Tsering was blind. Tsering Dorj is a very active boy and always full of energy.
He loves to be the leader in the class and like a teacher he leads other students.
He is now already learning Braille, Chinese, English and Tibetan at the Braille without borders school before the kindergarten will start in 2011.


Phurbu Gyatso: 3 year old boy
Pobu is from Loca and his family lives in a small farming village. He has 1 younger sighted sister and 1 older brother. Pubu is partially sighted.
He is a rather quiet but very social child who uses his little sight to help other students.



Tenzin Ngudup: 5 year old boy
Tenzin Ngudup is from Shigatse and he was born blind.
His father passed away when he was only a few Months old and now he has a stepfather. Tenzin Ngudup spent all his childhood alone because he doesn’t have brothers or sisters so he was very afraid to play and talk with other children at the school.
It took some time for him to get used to it and opens up more and more.


Tashi Dhondup: 5 year old boy
Tashi is from Sagya. He lost his left eye sight when he was 2 years old by accident playing with Firecrackers with some children. Tashi is from a very small farming village in Sagya so it was his first time to see so many new things such as telephone, TV, and he was very curious to learn how to use these things when he came to the school. He has been in the school for 3 Months and he already speaks a few words in English and Chinese. He is also learning Braille before the Kindergarten starts.



Karma Kandok: 3 year old girl
Karma is from Yamdo and her family lives in a small village near a beautiful Lake called Yamdrok Tso. She was born blind and her grant mother took care of her until she came to the school. Karma was always told to sit in one place and her grand mother didn’t let her to move around because fear that she would hurt herself. She was not able to walk taking normal sized steps, she just moved her legs a few centimetres at a time. She is now learning how to walk in big steps, how to climb the stairs up and down, and several other Physical activities such as playing football, jumping and running ETC.


Nordun: 5 year old girl
Nordon is from Tingri, close to the Mount Everest region.
Parents are farmers. Nordon’s sisters are Tsewang (8) and Fuetsji (9). At home she layed with her sisters and mum. Also she had some 2 friends in the village. She was happy to hear about the possibility to go school. She wants to learn because she wants to become a businesswoman selling clothes. The best thing about the project is that she has found a sister in Renzin Drolma and she likes learning Chinese a lot.



Renzin Drolma: 4 year old girl
Renzin is from Thulung Lhasa. She played at home by herself. She has one brother who is living elsewhere. Father is 70 years old and the mother 49 and they are both farmers.
In the beginning she was afraid to be with many other children and that her mother would leave her here. But only a few weeks later she was crying about the thought that her mum was coming to take her home again. She wants to become an English teacher and therefore likes English classes the best and she is the biggest fan of the project.