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First Kindergarten For Blind Children In Tibet

Programmes of KiKi’s Kindergarten

“Empower the blind before they become disabled”

The kindergarten training will be mainly focused on the needs of the blind; however sighted children will also benefit from learning basic skills in reading, writing, and foreign languages, as well as from the interaction with visually impaired children. This will give them a good head start for their primary education.
The training will include the following topics:

Basic subjects:
● English
● Chinese
● Tibetan
● Print reading and writing for sighted children
● Braille reading and writing for visually impaired children
Braille is essential for a proper education of the blind. It opens the doors to education and gives the blind access to literature and general knowledge. Chinese and English are fundamental in any Tibetan’s education. They are the tools of all communication.

Confidence building and communication skills:
● Singing
● Dancing
● Drama
● Radio plays
● Using the white cane
● Visiting other kindergartens
These social activities will help sensitizing the kids for each other’s needs.

Physical activities:
● Swimming
● Bike riding
● Running
● Jumping and climbing trees
● Growing vegetables and flowers in the kindergarten’s own small garden
This aspect of our project will allow the children to become more confident and incite the blind and the sighted to work as teams. Furthermore, these games will allow the visually impaired to overcome an innate fear of falling, of sudden noises, and of new textures.

Tactile recognition:
By training young visually impaired children in tactile recognition we will improve the use and sensitivity of their fingertips. They will learn to recognize various materials, fabrics, shapes, plants, and animals.

Daily living skills:
The kids will also learn how to dress themselves, feed and wash themselves, how to cut vegetables, how to go to the bathroom on their own, and how to take care of the animals in the small petting zoo at KiKi’s.

Orientation and mobility skills:
It is important to teach the children how to use their white canes from an early age, so that they learn how to move independently.

Motor skills:
Many visually impaired children are lacking in their motor skills. This is so because their parents often neglect to raise their children properly, leaving them to deal with their own upbringing, alone and in the dark. In terms of motor skills, aside from those already mentioned they will learn how to use scissors and how to tie their shoelaces.

Kikikids.org written in braille