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First Kindergarten For Blind Children In Tibet

Our Concept

“Empower the blind before they become disabled”


The project consists in the establishment of an integrative kindergarten in Shigatse, the second largest city in Tibet.

Per year, ten children aged two to five years will be admitted.

This project is needed because:

  • At an early stage, blind children crucially require specialized interventions and training in order to progress through normal developmental stages and to grasp basic concepts;
  • Sighted children of rural Tibet can rarely attend kindergarten because of economic constraints.

A kindergarten designed to host both blind and sighted children will provide such necessary care, while simultaneously bridging the cultural gap between those who can see and those who cannot.

The children will spend between three to four years at the kindergarten.

At age six, they will be ready to join the BWB preparatory school for one more year of intensive preparation, before integrating into mainstream schools.

KiKi has formed a partnership with the Tibet Disabled Persons Federation (TDPF), working towards the same goal of educating and integrating the blind in Tibet.

Kiki is also in collaboration with Braille Without Borders (BWB). Specifically, BWB will support KiKi in conducting outreach programs to identify the beneficiaries in the rural villages of Tibet, and in building networks with mainstream schools.


Link to BWB’s (Braille Without Borders) web site (Opens a new window):

Braille Without Borders >> (Select your language)