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First Kindergarten For Blind Children In Tibet


“Empower the blind before they become disabled”

In Tibet…

  • There are superstitions surrounding blindness which is seen as a punishment for wrongdoings in a previous life.
  • Kindergartens in rural area, if at all available are  too expensive for the average child



Many parents in Tibet don’t believe that their blind child can take care of itself. They just make them sit in one place or tie them to a bed. They are not allowed to move around for the fear of hurting themselves.



Children need physical exercise in order to stay healthy and to develop their motor skills since they need to use their hands and fingers to learn how to read and write. And if visually impaired, they have to use their hands and fingers as their eyes.


And So…

KiKi, an integrated kindergarten for blind and sighted children in Tibet comes into existence.

KiKi believes that a kindergarten designed for both blind and sighted children will provide necessary skills and simultaneously bridge the gap that exists between those who can see and those who cannot.


And then…

The visually impaired children will learn daily living skills, undergo physical training and become Braille and print literate while the sighted kids will learn to accept and believe in the abilities of their blind mates paving the way for future social transformation.